The Brazoria County Museum Alliance is an informal organization established several years ago by museums in Brazoria County.  The purpose of the alliance is to facilitate communication among museums and other organizations, and to provide a forum for an exchange of ideas and publicity materials.   As it has grown, several non-museum organizations have joined.

BCMA meets during the afternoon of the fifth Monday of every month that happens to have five Mondays (it's sometimes called "the fifth-Monday" group).   Meetings usually last about an hour, and they rotate among member organizations.  The host organization usually provides light snacks.

The typical agenda consists of three items:
    •  Reports of activities (What has your group been doing recently?)
    •  Exchange of publicity materials (bring a stack of brochures and rack cards to distribute).
    •  A tour of the host organization's facilities.

BCMA has no legal status, no officers, no directors, no dues, no revenue, no expenses, and no budget.